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Reply Dave Tucker July 29, Same happen to me, took my precious time creating designs…and they blocked me for being motivated to get designs out for clients to their needs.

You can also invite designers of your own choosing to participate. The explanations from support were nonsense. I said as much to Khent, and he came back with these refinements: Again, I fell in love with the concepts on the top-left, and the bottom, as they were definite improvements over the originals.

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Well, these are the deliverables for any logo you choose: 1 EPS vector file, which can scale to any size and be opened with any vector program, like Inkscape which is free 1 large JPG file, for use in high-quality documents 1 small JPG file, for use on the web 1 PNG file, for use on the web The original source file, which is normally an AI Adobe Illustrator vector file.

Appalled and insulted by their reply I wrote back to them to inform them as such. The site supports English, French, Spanish, and German. The number of designers who show up will depend on which design package you buy for your logo project.

write a review designcrowd

Find the answers to these queries to aid your search. When you try to find a software app, first be sure what you need it for. I had a logo designed by Design Crowd a few years and was so impressed by the customer service and quality of the work I came back to them without a second thought.

Support informed me that my account had been blocked. Thank you! And all this Carmela woman had to do was follow very basic customer service training. He was based in Venezuela and worked slowly all the while, DesignCrowd had me on a deadline timer that was running out fast.

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This review is part of my quest to design a new logo for Website Planet. Ultimately, a winning design may be selected in respect to the designers who have invested their time and creative effort under the agreement that a winner will be selected by the deadline date. Customers receive different e-mail reminders encouraging to select an e-mail or reach out to our support team in order to extend the decision deadline. Read some DesignCrowd reviews and ask yourself do you desire basic features or do you require advanced functionality? Then just to be over with the horrible experience I chose a design and asked the designed to modify it and got no response. Client gets design, they get money, designer gets screwed! Valencia Ditton November 1, I have taken notice that in digital camera models, extraordinary receptors help to maintain focus automatically. The client asked for a minimal clean design. Complete waste of time. This project is available only to a pool of designers rated at least 2. The site is now gone, and the community is part of DesignCrowd. The service has a pay-as-you-go payment plan and enterprise pricing vary. All things considered, I think Khent did very well. Take your time, use a few free trials, and finally choose the app that offers all that you want to improve your organization efficiency and productivity. They said time tons of projects going on..
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