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A small prototype shop has been set up in the corner of each hall, which encourages everyone to comment on new garments as they evolve.

Even many of its day-to-day operational procedures differ from the norm. To explore the concept of a company success and meet the founders who changed the concept and face of business.

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In other words: a strategy where a vertically integrated supply chain is dedicated to responsiveness. Supply chain management 5th ed. Far from pushing its factories to maximize their output, the company intentionally leaves extra capacity. The case of Zara — The Postponement strategy I Introduction In order to compete in the world of rising globalization and shortening of product life cycle nowadays, firms have to deal with the demand for increasing product variety to meet the diverse needs of customers. Thanks to the responsiveness of its factories and distribution centers, Zara has dramatically reduced its need for working capital. This paper will explain why the company's supply chain strategy is successful. Generally, in the clothing industry, the design to sale cycle time is anywhere from four to six months.

The liberalisation of European Union import quotas has had a positive political impact on the fast fashion retail industry. The advantage of Zara is that in just a span of three weeks, it can have a new product on its shelves ready for their consumer to purchase compared to their competitors that required from three to, even, six months.

Shapiro Capella University European clothing retailer Zara has been highlighted in several publications as a model for its supply chain management.

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Conversely, a strict schedule for moving information and goods through the supply chain makes it easier for operators at different steps to communicate with one another. Large circular tables play host to impromptu meetings.

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Zara is careful about the way it deploys the latest information technology tools to facilitate these informal exchanges. They can keep a variety of merchandise in stores for customers purchase. Reinforcing Principles None of the three principles outlined above—closing the communication loop, sticking to a rhythm, and leveraging your assets—is particularly new or radical. Zara manufactures in small batches, manages all functions in-house, holds retail stores to strict timetables, ships items on racks with price tags, leaves large areas empty in expensive stores, and allows occasional stock-outs. In essence, a fast and precise process, tight communication techniques, and world-class technology systems give Zara the opportunity to keep up Eliminating processes and making efficient time management decisions. Zara is one of the most successful fast-fashion chains in the world, which is famous for its ability to keep itself up to date with fashion trends and the incredibly short time to introduce new products.

Zara on the other hand uses human intelligence utilizing store managers and market research and information technology such as their PDA devices in order to have a hybrid model for information flow from stores to headquarters.

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Qinghua Zhang In adhering to this philosophy, Zara has developed a superresponsive supply chain. These counterintuitive practices pay off. It justifies transporting products by air and truck, though ships and trains would lower transportation fees. It produces roughly half of its products in its own factories. Ordinarily, people fill the orders, each within eight hours. Finally, this paper will provide information on infrastructure Zara needs in order to operate its production, distribution, and fast fashion retail network effectively. Zara can ramp up or down production of specific garments quickly and conveniently because it normally operates many of its factories for only a single shift.
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