Theories of personal identity in three nights of perrys dialogue

Person-Stages Miller explains that they had both been thinking about personal identity in the wrong way. Therefore, the memory theory is better to define personal identity than the soul theory. He responds by saying that it all has to do with memories: so long as someone retains the memories his past self, one is psychologically connected in the right sort of way.

She's not saying that God would do such things, but that their theory is absurd for saying that if God did, she would cease to exist.

body and memory theory

Both seem to preserve what is important about Gretchen. It's as if I burned this kleenex box to ashes and you told me the very same one was sitting at home on the self! To say that things are identical is to say that they are the same. Secondly, it stresses on what we take to be important about people: their psychological traits and life histories.

Surely you can imagine that.

what is the challenge that weirob issues to miller?

The Kleenex box Sam says its easy to imagine the two of them meeting sometime in the future in a very different place Gretchen uses the analogy of the kleenex box to call this into question: but I will rot in a few days.

Now suppose we take someone new to Oberlin and show him College St.

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Sam's first theory: Personal identity is based on the sameness of immaterial soul. The example of the hypnotist. The conclusion?

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Analysis of Perry’s Theories of Personal Identity