The long island sound

Inthe U. The Sound is used by ferries, ships, and barges to transport people and goods into deep water harbors. Some politicians from both states, such as New York Senator Chuck Schumerare fiercely opposed to the terminal, claiming that alternative energy sources and conservation should be pursued instead of adding new distribution lines and supply sources.

However, no crossing has been built since the Throgs Neck Bridge in the early s. Algal blooms result from the overgrowth of algae that dies in large numbers, sinks to the bottom, and decomposes by using available oxygen in the water and leaving little for other species, causing the system to suffer as a whole.

This biological function has been threatened by both terrestrial and chemical alterations resulting from urbanization of the area. However, the report, which analyzed trends from the most recent three years testedalso revealed some troubling findings.

long island sound fish

In the mid's, the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau sailed across Long Island Sound and pronounced it ''dead. The sound is part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterwayand around its shores are many residential communities and yachting resorts.

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Long Island Sound