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Because Amir is unwilling to confront his own past actions, he admires Soraya for her courage in admitting to and moving beyond her past mistakes.

Me a mojarad, a single young man, and she an unwed young woman.

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Khan, who is dying, asks Amir to visit him in Peshawar. Farid is a taxi driver who is initially abrasive toward Amir, but later befriends him. The two boys receive three identical kites and spools of glass string. You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. The smell of lamb kebab, the endless glasses of tea, storytelling beneath the pomegranate tree, the kite tournaments of the title - all are simply and powerfully evoked. Assef then badly beats Amir, breaking several bones, until Sohrab uses a slingshot to fire a brass ball into Assef's left eye. I left a few things ambiguous because I wanted to drive the book clubs crazy. He was adopted as a child by Baba's father after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. Amir tells Sohrab that he may have to go back to the orphanage for a little while as they have encountered a problem in the adoption process, and Sohrab, terrified about returning to the orphanage, attempts suicide. Invalid email address.

Sohrab will never forget his parents and he, therefore, will never forget his past. Amir's father, a wealthy merchant Amir affectionately refers to as Baba, loves both boys.

Hassan was actually Baba and Ali's wife, Sanaubar's, son and Amir's half brother.

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He dies from cancer inshortly after Amir and Soraya's wedding. After being brought to the United States, he slowly adapts to his new life. Two of Farid's seven children were killed by a land mine, a disaster which mutilated three fingers on his left hand and also took some of his toes.

He rapes Hassan to get revenge on Amir.

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Amir finds a kinder fatherly figure in Rahim Khan, Baba's closest friend, who understands him and supports his interest in writing, whereas Baba considers that interest to be worthy only of females. After spending a night with Farid's brother's impoverished family, Amir hides a bundle of money under the mattress to help them.

California-based Khaled Hosseini's first novel is an attempt to correct this, and to remind us of the anonymity it enjoyed before the Soviet invasion in Amir embarks on a successful career as a novelist.

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