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My goals for making my vision statement a success have become true so far through my life. Comments: As per our model the Mission Statement should include the following Components 1. Case Statement Revlon is an international cosmetic company that produces a wide range of cosmetic products for all ages at affordable price. Baby boomers have high levels of disposable incomes Threats 1. Increase in online retailing 4. Racial and ethnic changes in US market 2. Why are mission statements important?

Many cosmetic companies have been aggressively marketing their products online to increase their market share in the e-commerce. Customerswho are the firms customers?

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The brand was launched in but was discontinued as the customers didnt respond to it. A Mission Statement can be defined as a sentence or short paragraph written by a company or business which reflects its core purpose, identity, values and principle business aims.

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They have become successful and keep improving each year. Concern for employeesAre employees a valuable asset of the firm?

Sales of personal care products increased 0.

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A vision statement indicates who the organization is, what they do, and where they see themselves in the future.

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Vision/Mission Statements