Question 1 what management organization and

They are all examples of political changes.

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On the other hand organizational behavior is he study of the behavior of the individuals and groups in organizational setting. There is greater social interaction between employees. The democratic leader seeks to persuade and considers the feelings of persons and encourages their participation in decision-making.

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Middle management is not conducive to change at a company that has high customer satisfaction and employee engagement Customers are frustrated with products that seem to be in a constant state of repair due to inferior parts Customer service representatives are experiencing stress due to a large number of calls.

I recently saw the following questions on a survey about organizational management, and decided to answer them from my open organization point of view. What do you think the main functions of a management team should be?

Question 1 what management organization and

Disciplinary action should contribute towards improved behavior, but certain matters must be noted : behavior expected must be made known and this is best done in the period of induction; discipline should be exercised fairly, with no favoritism or excessive penalties and as soon after the breach as possible. Managers need to facilitate teams. If morale is good, team spirit should be good as this arises where all members of the group know every member is working to achieve the group goal and obeys internal author-ity. Goals are targets. Allow people to fail and congratulate them on it. Focus : In organization theory focus is on the sociology of organization whereas organization behavior stresses upon applied psychology of organizations. What Is Leadership? Cooperation signifies the desire or willingness of people within the organisation to help one another. Answer : Objectives are ends which the organization seeks to achieve by its existence and operation. When morale is high, work is done willingly, and with less supervision; when it is low, work is of poor quality and problems arise, e. Organization, as an element of management, is concerned with the grouping of activities in such a manner that enterprise objectives are attained- the assignment of these activities to appropriate departments and the provision for authority, delegation and coordination.

IT policies can make it hard for modern teams to evolve and work in a distributed environment by rejecting support or shutting down conversation around technical changes.

Goals are targets. Cooperation is a valuable element in coordination but cannot substitute for it. A rather broader meaning is given when it is used in business management — it is the collective attitude of workers towards each other, their work and man-agement.

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I'd love to hear how others in the open source world would answer these questions, so leave some comments and tell us what you think!

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