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In many parts of the world, both individually and organizationally, counseling professionals are moving beyond provincial conceptions of theory, research and practice to join in collaborative efforts to foster notions of mental health and human development that stretch across geopolitical boundaries.

Professional counseling has become respected as a viable mental health provider. Jill D.

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As we head to Washington and deal with the bureaucrats on the Hill, I am sure that how the world is evolving will be on their agenda. Counselors need training in counseling-based interventions specific to older adults and the awareness of services available in the community.

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In terms of theories, incorporating systemic, wellness-based theories in practice is crucial. Predictions, especially about society in our tumultuous era, are probably best left to futurists who carefully analyze trends and foreseeable forces.

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Technology will definitely be front and center within this fight. The next decade will be exciting for the profession of counseling as we try to maintain the momentum of the past and face the unknown future.

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Pursuing a Career in Counseling Essay