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But if I were talking to you about all this, a different set of neurons would be triggered, different connections and associations would be made, and different words and phrases would be generated.

A lot of the items at Krystal are known for being small and cheap, and this pup was no exception. Don't go here and waste your money. I am not a breakfast person so I did not try any of the breakfast foods. I saw the specials deal on tv while I was taking a break from my madden franchise.

Fries were old and burnt. We needed a quick place to stop off for dinner and Krystal seemed like the cheapest, and therefore the most practical, choice.

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When our food came out I literally touched the meat to see if it was meat. The quality of the food definitely surpasses Burger King and McDonald's. Everyone was very rude staff wise. In fact, a damned good line to come up with off the cuff. They had a deal going on where you could pick 5 items from a predetermined menu, so I went with 5 completely different items, with one of those being a drink.

This Krystal was clean, nice looking inside and had a friendly crew.

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Doesn't feel like a very safe place to eat everything is just so gross in here. A few times a year I have a White Castle craving and this hits the spot. This was our first experience with Krystal. Fries were old and burnt. I'd skip this location and find a nicer one. Girl at the drive thru is horrible Weird, right? I love Krystal Burgers. Very dirty store and not the nicest employees to deal with. I prefer white castle but they are not in the south. Krystals were old and cold and tasted like hand lotion.

When we went in, they had 2 customers complaining.

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