How to write a proper case citation

This table provides the reporter names and abbreviations, statutory compilation names and abbreviations, and citation conventions for all federal and state courts.

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In the Bluebook, all abbreviations are listed in the tables, which begin on page What lower levels of court was this case already tried in? The following chart summarizes Table T. Supreme Court p. New law students should first become familiar with the U.

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Use the last name of the judge followed by the abbreviation for the office e. The authority supports the proposition directly because it is not qualified with a signal. Now that you have found the reporter series, the next step is to identify the volume where the case is located.

Regional Reporter. Using the volume, reporter abbreviation, page number is also the best way to find a case electronically. If the jurisdiction and court are not obvious from the first reference to the case, you should include both at the end of all of the references, as shown in this example.

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When there is a jury.

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