How to write a fugue poem

To capture horror is an easy game, but to retell it in a way that is contagious in its rhythm and hollowing in its verse is poetic acumen.

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I even mapped these patterns—analogous to the repeated melodic elements of a fugue—on a chart that looked a bit like a musical staff. He was born Paul Antschel to a Jewish family in the early twentieth century.

To others, it offered a way of creating symmetry and contrast, a formal corollary to the lyricism of their prose. Fourth section lines 27—36 [ edit ] In a further reworking of the themes and images of the poem so far, it emerges that "Death is a master from Germany, his eyes are blue", and the "he" shoots his victims with leaden bullets, and sets his dogs on the victims, leading to their "grave in the sky. Jean Bollack wrote of "Todesfuge" that Celan "rearranges [the] elements [of "ER"] without adding any new ones; the elements are the same, but he manages to create something completely different using them". Originally intending to practice medicine, Paul went to medical school in France and then eventually went back to Romania to study what he really loved, literature and the romance languages. This archive, managed by the Digital Initiatives Department in the University of Idaho Library, provides Fugue's readers access to over two decades of content. Each time begins with the invocation to "black milk," and then a description of the man who lives in a house. It would be as if someone took a Viennese Waltz and said, "I'm going to find a way to make this into a literary form.

Scholars could dissect it to pieces if desired, but the message is quite clear without too much introspection. The fugue is an interesting form to choose because it is so closely associated with German high culture. Enlightenment critics renounced the complexity and coded symbolism favored by Baroque composers, championing instead a less coolly esoteric, more emotional approach.

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It was also set to music by numerous German composers and read on television programmes I found that I kept coming back to certain images: flight, heights, stars, water, grayness, music, underground. One possibility is music.

Each time begins with the invocation to "black milk," and then a description of the man who lives in a house.

Early on, I spent a lot of time simply looking for connections. If Brahms felt like poetry, Bach felt like math. Themes and interpretation[ edit ] Mauthausen Concentration camp , 30 June an orchestra of inmates Although the work is titled a fugue , there is no literal manner of reproducing the musical form of fugue in words; the title must therefore be taken as a metaphor , the phrases and rhythms of the work parallelling the introduction and repetition of musical themes. It has since appeared in numerous anthologies and translations. The transitions are easy enough. In his life, like many other twentieth-century artists, he bore witness to too much tragedy. The germ of the story I was trying to figure out had come to me after hearing an April NPR piece about a mysterious man who had turned up on the southern coast of England, soaking wet, dressed in a formal suit. Second section lines 10—19 [ edit ] The poem repeats many of the images of the first section, but with some changes of word-order. The idea was thrilling. The name sounds catchier, easier to pen. He continued to write, travel, and meet people who were able to inspire and appreciate his work. Bach, who lived in the seventeenth century and wrote The Art of the Fugue, a collection of incredibly complicated and beautiful fugues. The golden hair of Margarete is now counterpointed with "your ashen hair Shulamith", and "he" now grabs his gun, and is described as blue-eyed, while issuing his orders.

The two figures may thus stand as metaphors for Germans and Jews. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Kristallnacht in"Death Fugue" was read aloud in the Bundestag " the German Parliament.

Moreover, in the specific context of German poetry, they recall the slaves in Heinrich Heine 's poem "The Slave Ship" being forced to dance by the mercenary captain.

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Deathfugue Form and Meter