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Normally, though, using index cards feels like slaughtering a forest just for the sheer thrill of it. Just tap anywhere on the gray background and a new card will pop up, and you can write notes on it with either the Apple Pencil or a keyboard. To exit drawing mode and return to text entry, tap the Text Mode button on the left of the Draw tab, and then tap anywhere on the page to display the on-screen keyboard again.

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OneNote can help you keep track of life and stay organized by making it easy to capture anything, enrich and organize it, and eventually recall it when and where you need it. You can rearrange the cards singly with the Pencil or your finger, or you can group them together and have the app itself align them more neatly.

Need to erase something? Please make contact via one of the social media networks below. Handwritten notes, sketches, annotation, web clips, and many forms of content including audio can be tapped inside any note.

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A clear filing structure and numerous export options including PDF and Word makes this little app a powerful solution for taking notes on your tablet. OneNote for iOS More

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Handwriting in OneNote for iPad and OCR everywhere