Consanguineous marriage

The second cousin group, being lower in the category in terms of inbreeding coefficient, has presented a negative value Around the globe consanguineous marriages have been practised by many societies from time immemorial. Respondents with a consanguineous partner were significantly more positive about consanguinity, compared with respondents without such a relationship.

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Introduction It has been argued that consanguineous couples should be informed about the increased risk of congenital disorders in their offspring. The inadequacy of appropriate health services has been found to be more frequent among low socioeconomic and uneducated families 1.

When you marry biologically related or blood relatives then it is consanguineous marriage.

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For the first question multiple categories could be selected. Participants of Turkish origin had a more negative attitude towards consanguinity and estimated the reproductive risk higher than Moroccan participants. Results Effect of Inbreeding and Sociodemographic Factors on Reproductive Behavior The characteristics of gross fertility among inbred and non-inbred families has been presented in Supplementary Table S1 online. The average child death per mother have markedly increased with respect to the increasing levels of inbreeding coefficients. This study aimed to gain more insight into: 1 attitudes of people belonging to ethnic groups in Western society towards consanguinity and their understanding of risk for offspring; and 2 their attitudes regarding reproductive information targeted at consanguineous couples. Moreover, male child mortality was found to be maximally increased among inbred families of all different backgrounds. The mortality rate was found to be maximum among families with the highest value of coefficient of inbreeding F. Methods: A total of families were recruited from five Muslim populations of Jammu region.

The social benefits of consanguinity should not outweigh the biological damages; many in the community are ignorant about these facts. These results provide an evidence for the wholesome effect of inbreeding on human fertility. Of these, were excluded from the data analyses based on the answer to the first control question: these participants reported not being part of a family, community or culture in which consanguinity is a common tradition.

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Second, a banner was placed during a period of 25 days on two websites. These findings suggest that the beneficial role of inbreeding is up to certain limits and beyond that the consequences may not be the favorable ones.

Consanguineous marriage
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Consanguine marriage