Climate change and the kyoto protocol politics essay

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Where does this leave us in terms of future cooperation on climate change? Likewise, several prominent arms control treaties aimed at eliminating nuclear proliferation and reducing the number of stockpiled weapons.

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Those working on evaluating regimes focus more readily on assessing regime compliance and effectiveness Mitchell ; Mitchell and Chayes These targets are not specified by the Kyoto Protocol. Experts have pointed out that even full participation and compliance with Kyoto would not have prevented widespread climate change den Elzen and Meinshausen ; Wigley This does not mean that the Kyoto Protocol is entirely without merit.

Rietig, K. But this simply raises more questions concerning why policy makers chose to focus their attention for 15 years on an accord with little impact on the key actors.

Paragraph 2 and subparagraph 1 of the July 18,Ministerial Declaration.

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Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. The aim of the Kyoto Protocol was to minimize the emission of six greenhouse gases in 41 countries and put the European Union to 5. After the printed report appeared in May , it was discovered that there had been some unannounced editing of this crucial chapter, which backs up the main conclusion of the IPCC report about a "discernible human influence. There are two possible interpretations for the current state of climate politics. Perspectives on Politics 9 1 : Rosen is an assistant professor of politics and international relations at Webster University, where she is also a fellow in the Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies. Does not scientific integrity demand that you complain about the misuse of the IPCC report for political purposes and draw attention to the explicit sentence in the SAR section 8. Meteorological Office, relates the six different formulations that were discussed in meetings between March and the Madrid meeting of the IPCC in November

Developing countries were not required to do so.

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What is the Kyoto Protocol?