Christmas has become too commercialized

Most of all, remember that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ. It has just evolved Ina poll by the Pew Research Center found that Christmas is celebrated more than any other holiday in the US with 90 per cent of Americans celebrating Christmas, including 80 per cent non-Christians.

At least 80 per cent of all the parents are able to finally spend quality time with their children without the stress of work.

commercialization of santa claus

Happy Holidays! Even 87 per cent atheists said they still celebrate Christmas. What is different right now is the realisation that this is not butso people actually have more and better ways to advertise their products and services.

And for this reason, we end up with images of luxury sofas, big houses, nicely wrapped gifts shoved in our faces and expensive holidays. W Woolworth was the one who seemed to have started the trend when the department store chain brought ornaments from the German cottage industry to the U.

Every year, there are more department stores eager to post their holiday catalogs in September making it all about the money gimmick and not so much about the consumer.

But over the past several years, it has become apparent to this reporter that lately people care more about the gifts they get than any satisfaction that may come from family gatherings.

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Has Christmas Become Too Commercial?