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This is not an exact thing and most eggs are laid in the morning. Therefore, make sure that your logo becomes a tool to show that you run a professional poultry farming business.

The hens grow till their 40 weeks of age.

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You may find lots of farm name ideas. Multivitamin and electrolyte ie. Other pullets are either finished off or reared entirely in wire-floored cages. Crowdsourcing site Designhill can help you to design a logo at a very low price.

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Serve them layer poultry feed according to their age and weights. Keeping Growing Chicks: You have to maintain the suggestion listed below for keeping growing layer chickens. Lighting, Heating and Ventilation Heat stress is one of the major risk factors that one must consider in layer farm management. This is called phase feeding. If you notice they are not gaining expected weight, then you have to serve starter feed for eight weeks. Check with your city's planning and zoning departments to make sure you are allowed to raise chickens and put a building on the property you want to use. With the current socio-economic problems in the country, the chicken egg is one of the cheapest food products that are vastly available in the market. After brooding serve them good quality pellet feed. Follow the Layer Poultry Medicine Chart. High quality pellet will make the chickens healthy and increase their body weight. Eggs are fast-moving commodities sold in stores every day.

Keep feed available for the birds constantly. When you contact people and clients, present your business card to them.

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They will keep your card and many of them will contact you whenever they need your poultry products. Roosters will help keep your hens safe by acting as a watchdog over the hen house. Therefore, make sure that your logo becomes a tool to show that you run a professional poultry farming business. The normal brooding period, when heat is required, is from the time chicks hatch until they are about six weeks old. After cutting lips, serve them water in a deep pot. Method and Importance of Lip Cutting: Cutting the lip of laying hens is very important. This is a normal process during which the hen stops producing eggs in order to incubate a nest full of eggs. If your farm is not on the web, you are missing on a plethora of business opportunities.

Weight and size of eggs increases till their 50 weeks of age.

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How to Start an Egg Poultry / Chicken Egg Laying Business in the Philippines