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So how can you decide if the subscription is worth it to you? We all misspell words and rely on that wavy red line to tell us when we make mistakes. More than that, it allows you to draw right in your projects, which is extremely convenient — it is much more difficult to create a drawing using a PC after all.

You can also trigger your default action from the Quick Export window by hitting the Enter key. This word processor is compatible with most devices that run on iOS. This notetaking app is best used for taking notes and writing prose.

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This can be handy if you use another location or app to capture ideas but you want to flesh them out and do the actual writing in Ulysses. Or you could create a Markdown presentation in Ulysses that can be displayed in Deckset.

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It is known by every computer user in the world. As always, be smart in choosing apps! What makes Editorial a great app is the fact that it has features like a built-in multi-tab web browser, Dropbox integration, and more. Any way you cut it, writing is the basic skill, just about everybody needs to enhance and can get better at. Byword If you are writing on mobile or tablet, Byword is one of the best markdown editors out there. Check the box to add a deadline and select it from the date picker, and Ulysses will automatically calculate the amount of text you have to write each day to finish in time. The handwriting feature is especially awesome, as it is optimized for precise use on the iPhone. Inputting notes is also not that hard. Full Screen Mode makes it easy to block distractions and stay focused on your writing.

The recent release of version 15 is evidence of this, sporting a new split-screen feature that allows you to work in two sheets at once as well as enhancements to keyword search and management, and much more.

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Top 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)