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And beyond protecting those plants, less wind also makes it easier for bees to pollinate them. In addition the air in the cities is lately becoming better, providing conditions favorable for small associated species such as mosses and lichens.

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Learn more about the Effects of the Earthquake here in detail. Our projects currently protect over ,Ha of natural forests in East Africa, preventing the emission of over , tonnes of CO2 each year. Jhoom farming is one such practice we can employ to combat forest pollution. Photo: Nicholas A. They write that efforts like the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to sustainably manage forests, fight desertification, and halt land degradation and biodiversity loss, stand to fall short of their targets if they don't do more to address the importance of preserving intact forests. Biodiversity Conservation Forests are fundamental to our life support system. Forests are like giant sponges, catching runoff rather than letting it roll across the surface, but they can't absorb all of it.

Ans: India had a commercial deforestation problem, Forest covers were fast disappearing. Many millions more live along or near forest fringes, but even just a scattering of urban trees can raise property values and lower crime.

In Africa, unlike in other parts of the tropics, deforestation is being driven mainly by shifting agriculture. Once a fire spreads in a forest it is very difficult to control.

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By establishing and strengthening land rights and resource tenure over naturally forested areas, our work with indigenous forest communities leads to rural development and secure, improved livelihoods.

They write that degraded forests should be restored and made more productive rather than opening up intact forests to human activity.

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Forest conservation might be an even more important climate solution than we realize: Study