A comparison of liberal and marxist feminism

criticisms of marxist feminism

Beyond sexless class and classless sex: Towards feminist marxism. Marxist scholarship and psychological practice. Ehrenreich, Barbara and Arlie Hochschild eds. Marxism and feminism examine forms of systematic inequalities that lead to the experiences of oppression for marginalized individuals Ehrenreich, Or, one can argue that although the line between work and leisure changes historically, those doing the activity should have the decisive say as to whether their activity counts as work, i.

Liberal feminism

Washington, DC: U. Patricia Hill Collins argues further that the racial division of labor, institutional racism and different family structures put African American women in yet a different epistemic relation to society than white and other women , References Adcock, C. Yet other feminist economic historians have done historical studies of the ways that race, class and ethnicity have situated women differently in relation to production, for example in the history of the United States Davis ; Amott and Matthaei Liberal feminists hold a view that every member of the society should be equal. Walby has a similar analysis, but to her the connection between forms of capitalism and forms of patriarchy is more functional and less accidental than it appears to Ferguson and Smart. Others argue that part of the problem is the master narratives of liberalism or Marxism, the first of which sees all domination relations due to traditional hierarchies and undermined by capitalism, thus ignoring the independent effectivity of racism Josephs ; and the second of which ties all domination relations to the structure of contemporary capitalism and ignores the non-capitalist economics contexts in which many women work, even within so-called capitalist economies, such as housework and voluntary community work Gibson-Graham In fact, many of the same people moved from the former to the latter. Google Scholar Brewer, R. For example, Spivak , Mohanty , Carby , and Hennessy , are creating and re-articulating forms of Marxist and socialist-feminism less susceptible to charges of over-generalization and reductionism, and more compatible with close contextual analysis of the power relations of gender and class as they relate to work.

Annual Review of Critical Psychology, 9, 6—7. Smith, Dorothy E.

A comparison of liberal and marxist feminism

You know how looking at a math problem similar to the one you're stuck on can help you get unstuck? Presupposed in the general theoretical debates concerning the relations between gender, social and economic class, and work are usually definitions of each of these categories that some thinkers would argue are problematic.

Let us know! Thus they insist that the only way to end the oppression of women is to overthrow the capitalist system.

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Jaggar, Alison and Paula Rothenberg [Struhl] eds. All of these theorists seem to have ideal visions of society which dovetail: all would support the elimination of the sexual division of labor so that both men and women could become equally sensitized to particular others through caring work. Intersectionality and Beyond, London: Routledge-Cavandish. Some sex worker rights approaches focus on eschewing the moralizing rallying cry of choice versus coercion and seek to destigmatize such labor and offer a postcolonial critique of prohibitionist ideology Kempadoo and Doezema Mothering, or, taking care of babies and small children, as a type of work done overwhelmingly by women, socializes women and men to have different identities, personalities and skills. Gender inequalities are the result of the oppression of women by men, and it is primarily men who have benefited from the subordination of women. One problem is whether they are still members of the working class in so doing, and if not, whether they are betraying their families of origin by a rise to middle class status. Google Scholar Cole, E. Bristol, UK: Falling Wall.

Gender and social psychology. Tea, Michelle ed.

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Radical feminism provides an important foundation for the rest of "feminist flavors".

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Feminist Perspectives on Class and Work (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)